Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Video: Viral Facebook Post Shows Aftermath of Civilian Allegedly Shot By Police Officer

A viral Facebook post shows a civilian lying on the ground after allegedly being shot by an officer with a machine gun in the 5th Settlement near Rehab.

Staff Writer

A Facebook post has gone viral after depicting what the profile owner alleges to be images from the 5th Settlement where a police officer used his machine gun to wreak havoc near Rehab. The eye-witness alleges that the officer got out of the police car and initiated an argument with a worker who was sitting on the sidewalk, which escalated to the extent that the officer used a machine gun to shoot and kill the worker, as well as injure two other bystanders. As per the post, the officer fled the scene, leaving behind the machine gun that another officer attempted to retrieve from the citizens who had interfered, but was barred from doing so. According to Youm7, the suspect has been arrested and the investigation is currently taking place.

Following the post that was first published early this morning, several posts (here, here, and here) have emerged, showing footage and offering clarification in regards to what's happening at the scene of the incident.