Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Video: Why Is Beyonce Bootyshaking To Om Kalthoum?

We get it - Beyonce and Jay Z have a thing for capitalising on Egyptian musicians' work, but that much booty to Om Kalthoum's Enta 3omri has people pretty worked up.

Staff Writer

If you live in this world, you've probably heard about Beyonce’s Lemonade video being the world’s biggest cycle of a woman’s relationship with a man when it comes to cheating and downfalls. Simply put, Beyonce is currently gracefully and slayingly floating on top of the world, redefining artistry and what it means to create, influence, and entertain. But then there was that one time she went on the On The Run Tour with Jay-Z and danced to Om Kalthoum’s Enta 3omri before switching into Naughty Girl. Honestly, he probably recommended that to her after he liked Abdelhalim Hafez’s Big Pimpin’ and stayed in court for nearly 13 years because of it.

This video that's just resurfaced after being on the Internet for a year and a half basically entails Beyonce and her backup dancers stand in one line, with their backside to the audience as they strut their stuff to the unforgettable rhythm of Om Kalthoum’s Enta 3omri, and then transitioning into her hit song, Naughty Girl. Pretty sure Om Kalthoum performed that song with a long, long-sleeved dress, with an extra piece of fabric in her hand.

Well, as Beyonce ran the world on that tour, our very own Om Kalthoum did the same and still does. As much as we have no idea what took place before the performance, we can assume that no homage was payed to the world-renowned Egyptian diva, who's praised by Jah Wobble, Bob Dylan, Maria Callas, Marie Laforêt, Bono and Robert Plant, with a significant influence on many Egyptians and Middle Easterners politically, socially and romantically. Similarly, Beyonce has and continues to influence artists like Adele, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora, Zendaya, and Azealia Banks — and at the same time, she managed to become a sociopolitical topic in relation to women of colour across the world. 

And while everyone loves Beyonce’s ownage and slayage of her body image and confidence, there seems to be some controversy as to whether or not that's what Om Kalthoum would've been doing with her musical talent had she been around today.