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VIDEOS: The Yanni Has Landed

Keep it together Cairo. Yanni is officially in Egypt, and can't stop posting videos showing his excitement to be performing at the Pyramids this Friday.

Legendary Greek-American composer Yanni has officially landed in Egypt. Upon landing Yanni was greeted by tons of supporters at the airport. For some celebrities, being swarmed by fans as soon as you land can be really annoying, but as a true professional, Yanni seemed to be pleased by the showering of support. How do we know that he was happy with the bombardment of fans? Because he not only released a video expressing his joy about arriving, he released two.

Excitement is building for what will surely be a memorable performance by the beloved artist at the iconic pyramids. Sharing in the excitement and showing his appreciation for the show, Yanni took to Facebook and started releasing videos.


A message from Yanni on his way to Cairo.

Posted by Yanni on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Yanni arrives to Cairo!

Posted by Yanni on Monday, October 26, 2015


Considering that he hasn’t even been here a day, and is already a video posting machine, we assume that a waves of Yanni videos exploring Egypt will soon be released, as the Airport is one of the least impressive sites to post videos from let alone visit.

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