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Viral Photo: Egyptian Guy Finds Himself on Billboard Mourning Tanta Church Bombing Victims

He made an urgent demand to Gharbiya's governor to have his picture removed.

To his utter surprise, an Egyptian guy called Beshoy Fayez found a picture of himself on billboards around the city of Tanta north of Cairo, declaring him a martyr of Tanta's Palm Sunday church bombing. Fayez took a selfie with the billboard in Bahr Street in central Tanta and posted it to his Facebook profile with the caption "I took a selfie with myself as a martyr, what the hell is this nonsense?!".

The billboard picture, however, has the name of one of the actual victims called Michelle Labib, which Fayez identified as his grandfather. According to Al Bawaba News, Fayez made an urgent demand to the governor of Gharbiya, Ahmed Daif Saqr, to have his picture removed from all billboards.

It's worth noting that the picture appearing on the billboard is Fayez's profile picture on Facebook.