Friday September 29th, 2023
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Viral Saudi Hashtag Calls for Equal Rights for the Kingdom's LGBTQ Community on Twitter

#ILoveGayPeopleAndIAmNotOne has attracted supportive voices as well as a number of the more conservative Saudis who believe LGBTQ people should not be treated equally.

Staff Writer

Conservative Saudis were in for a shocking surprise last weekend with a trending hashtag supporting LGBTQ rights in the Sharia-ruled kingdom. The hashtag roughly translates to "I love gay people and I'm not one." It reportedly became the number one trending hashtag in Saudi Arabia and the 4th in the world over last weekend, attracting a lot of supportive as well as homophobic tweets.

Here are some of the tweets that appeared on the hashtag:

Translation: The real abnormality is paedophilia, not a relationship between consenting adults.

Translation: I find them weird but I don't wish any harm upon them.

Translation: Some gay people suffer from sexual identity disorder and others do it for attention. The first group deserves treatment and the second deserves punishment.

Translation: They are a segment of society who impose their 'sickness' on everyone and call it preference and personal freedom. They are a mentally disabled bunch with a cellphone.