Monday December 11th, 2023
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Viral Video: Egyptian Mother Goes on High-Speed Car Chase to Rescue Kidnapped Syrian Man

Overhearing cries for help coming from inside the speeding vehicle was enough for Yara Ezz-ElDin to chase it down.

Staff Writer

While driving her family home in the eastern Cairo suburbs of Nasr City, Egyptian woman Yara Alaa El-Din overheard desperate cries for help from inside a passing car, prompting her to hunt the car down in a high-speed car chase in the narrow streets of Nasr City.

The courageous attempt was successful as the driver of the chased car eventually caved and slowed down to throw out the kidnapped person, who turned out to be a young Syrian man. According to Egypt Independent, other drivers further chased down the car and managed to capture all of its passengers, who are now in police custody

The inspiring story was made public after Alaa ElDin posted a video of the car chase on Facebook on Monday, after which the video went viral and been reported on by local and regional news agencies.

Picture: Wael Ebrashy's Show