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Viral Video: Hilarious Egyptian Orders McDonald's in Fos7a Arabic

We usually take our Mickeydees orders very seriously - but this guy made us laugh so hard.

Ordering McDonald's is a pretty sacred situation - you need to be on top of your shit because you want to have them get your order correctly while doing it efficiently. But, have you ever tried messing with a customer service representative while giving your order? And no, we don't mean that time you and your squad were high AF and decided to take 20 minutes to remember what McDonald's serves. We mean talking to them in a totally strange accent or tone. This viral video of a guy placing an order in standard Arabic (fos7a) surfaced on our feeds and got us rolling on the ground laughing:We don't know what's weirder - the guy ordering, or the guy fully comprehending the order and having the patience to deal with it. It's definitely a tie. Some compared it to Spacetoon cartoons, and some said it sounded like National Geographic. You know what we think it sounds like? Dinner. We're now reaching for the phone getting ourselves some shata2er al hamburger lazeeza.