Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Egypt's First 'Virtual Museum' Project Has Launched

You can now learn about the history of Wadi Degla through the magic of VR.

Staff Writer

The Nature Conservation of Egypt (NCE) has announced the launch of the Wadi Degla Virtual Museum project, which aims to raise awareness on the geology, ecology and environmental history of the area using virtual reality technology.

The project will be the first of its kind and allow visitors to experience Wadi Degla in a 360 view, which will be available at the National Park's educational centre, as well as online and on social media platforms. The launch of the project comes as part of efforts to encourage more niche tourism and encourage the public to learn about nature and interact with the environment. 

Covering three main topics - the geological history of Wadi Degla, its biodiversity and ecosystems and the nature-friendly activities offered - the NCE is making this experience possible by documenting, visualising and reproducing educational material. The videos will be both in English and in Arabic and will be accessible across Egypt in order to reach as many viewers as possible. 

The project is funded by GEF Small Grants Programme Egypt and was done in collaboration with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) and Egypt’s Protected Areas Self-Financing Project (EPASP)

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