Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Vodafone and Amr Diab Team Up to Throw Sahel's Biggest Concert This Summer

Were you one of the lucky attendees?

Staff Writer

In a world of one-hit-wonders and careers gone south, you have to be a big deal to stay relevant in the fame game. And unfortunately, some of us simply don’t have that luck. Or talent. Except we know who does: Amr Diab. The superstar was even named the number one celebrity in the Arab world by Forbes Middle East. So basically, a big deal then and a big deal now, Amr Diab continues to rule the world of Arabic music. 

And Vodafone is no stranger to that fact. So, to treat us and their Vodafone Red customers, they threw the biggest concert to hit Sahel this summer in none other than Marassi and you best believe the tickets sold out. Except Vodafone had to pamper their Red customers before the concert by giving 200 of them a chance to win 2 tickets to attend Amr Diab’s Red concert on the 25th of August.

Participants in the competition simply had to share the visual below with the caption “Take me to Amr Diab concert #REDweekend” and mention that special plus one they want to go with. 

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