Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Vote For Rami (Boraie)!

Our very own funny man Rami Boraie tells us why you should vote for him in the Kit Kat Arabia Comedy Break Competition...

Staff Writer

I was tasked with the job of writing about me. Growing up I sucked at almost everything. I will now list the things I sucked at:




Meeting girls

Making friends


I was shockingly decent at scootering, but then that became really uncool. Sigh, of course it would.

The only thing I was decent enough to keep at is making people laugh. In the 3rd grade I was face-to-face with a bully. He was about to punch me right in the face when, the only thing I could think of was: stick my hand in my armpit and make a fart noise and hope he laughs. It worked – soon every day I was forced into making armpit noises to avoid punches. It’s a fair trade if you ask me. Ever since then I decided I would constantly try to be the funniest guy in the room.

I started really writing my own stand-up material when I was 16, being accepted to do a show in Ottawa. My dad urged me not to do it because I wasn’t funny – he was right – and to wait until I really got a grasp on it – again he was right. I never did that show but I did perform at my high school. I was kicked off the stage for saying “Fu-”. I reiterate that I never said the full word, just the first two letters. It was humiliating and made me decide I would focus on writing and only that, until I was ready. I was never really ready.


I moved to Egypt and when Axis of Evil came, they held auditions. I did my bit and never looked back. I have now been performing for about 4 years. I have never bothered people to share my videos, like them, or even like me. This is the first time I am literally begging people to help me out. I’m in the Kit Kat Comedy Break contest and need views, likes and comments. Please help me out. I’m on page 2 so please don’t get me confused with Rami Salame. Seems like a nice guy but he has enough views. To anyone who took time out of their day to like it and watch it and share it, thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. Honestly, you don’t have to watch or like it but if you did, it would be cool.


Rami Boraie (not Salame)

Vote for, comment on and share Rami Boraie’s hilarious video on (PAGE 2!!!!)