Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Wasel is Helping Make Drivers’ Ends Meet by Cancelling Their Commission Rates

They’ve also made prices cheaper for customers.

Staff Writer

Wasel, the two-year-old ride hailing service for people travelling outside Cairo, is helping relieve the financial pressures of the pandemic on their customers and employees by putting a hefty discount on their rides and eliminating commission rates.

“Not many people are travelling, so of course we’re negatively affected as a company," Ahmed El Rawy, CEO of Wasel, told CairoScene. "We figured that at least this way, we can help out our drivers. We cut our prices down by 25% and decreased our commission to zero so that 100% of profit from the trips go into their pocket.”

Their new strategy has been in place for the past couple of weeks, and has seen their number of trips shoot back up quite a bit as a result of discounted rates.  You can book your trip through