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We Got Nineteen Twenty-Five Problems But a Party Ain't One

Nineteen Twenty-Five is going to be the go-to spot to turn up this winter in Cairo.

Remember how the ever-charming Leo in The Great Gatsby was living that 1920s lifestyle in a mansion with breathtaking decor, with his hair slicked to the side and that smile, inviting gorgeous flappers over – all with a shameless soundtrack of Lana Del Ray and Jay-Z? Well, our favourite vintage spot, Nineteen Twenty-Five is keeping the 20s alive and remixing it with the here and now.

Egypt's first 1920s-themed spot isn't just about the flappers and fanciness. Hell no, we're taking our homegirls and homeboys and getting out on the roof (read: having a lot of alcohol in our systems à la 1920s)! Basically, that's what it's going to be all about; in the words of Biggie, mad music blasting, dancing like no one is watching, dressing however you wanting – like a flapper or a hipster, your call – and, obviously, good company. On Friday the 21st, you may want to test how two timelines can exist in one place.

Essentially, Nineteen Twenty-Five turning into a hot nightlife spot means the background of our photos will be Instagrammable AF, and the dance floor will witness all of our undeniable lit-ness.

For more info on their location and events on their Facebook page.