Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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We Thought Love was Dead After Brangelina, But Mona Zaki and Helmy are Renewing Wedding Vows

We were honestly so scared they'd be next. *heart eyes emoji*

Staff Writer

After the drastic news of Brangelina going back to being just Brad and Angelina, we were devastated. We heard that some people cried, some people broke off their engagements because they saw no point in anything anymore, and some people held their loved ones all night – not saying a word – in fear of the unexpectedness of life and the turbulence of love. But, luckily, Egyptian power couple Mona Zaki and Ahmed Helmy – Ahmona, or Zelmy, your choice – gave us hope; they announced that they'd be renewing their wedding vows.This was reported by AlBawaba News, who claim that the Egyptian screen sweetheart, Zaki, wants another wedding celebration 14 years later for a few reasons. One is because they're expecting their third child together – the first being Lily and the second Selim – but the star also adds that she didn't like the way she looked in their 2002 wedding. No one looked good in the early 2000s except Jennifer Lopez, so that's valid. On top of that, Zaki says that her wedding was full of strangers – bad news, Mona; we're planning to crash your new wedding now.

The couple hasn't scheduled a time, but Helmy is apparently stoked about it and is ready to walk down the aisle one more time. *more heart eyes emojis*