Thursday March 30th, 2023
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We Wear Our Sunglasses At Night

Instagram a photo of yourself wearing sunglasses at night and get 50% off a pair of shades from Mounir Nassif Optics? Seriously? There has to be a catch...

Staff Writer
Standing strong in the optics world for 66 years and counting - which means they're kickass at the whole 'helping-people-see-so-they-don't-walk-into-something-à-la-Mr.-Magoo' thing - Mounir Nassif Optics started out with one location Downtown and now have 15 spots throughout the country, gaining a solid reputation for quality and reliability. Their latest and greatest - their Citystars location - is taking on a whole new twist with some remodelling and renovating to cater to their millennial audience, what with their Android phones and distressed jeans.
If you've ever been called 'four-eyes' as a child because of your dorky glasses, you've now been avenged. Gone are the days when spectacles made you a dork; gone are the days when being a dork was considered a bad thing, too. Now everyone's donning the dorkiest of frames or the odd grandpa monocle and calling it 'hipster'. Hopping on the too-cool-for-school trend of fashionable frames, Mounir Nassif Optics are putting the past behind them and embracing the way of the future - i.e. bringing your hipster-ness to Instagram. They're calling out our inner narcissists to take to Instagram and do what we do best - take a selfie. 
Pulling out all the stops to "be like the cool kids," the optics giant is launching an Instagram competition that gives anyone who enters (yes, anyone) 50 percent off anything at their Citystars store. À la Oprah: you get 50 percent off, and you get 50 percent off - EVERYBODY GETS 50 PERCENT OFF! Off what? We'll just name-drop here: Ray Bans, Oakleys, Bvlgari, Dior, Armani, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Persol, Fred, Versace, Hugo Boss - you know, those guys. Taking our cue from Corey Hart’s 1984 hit Sunglasses At Night, wearing our sunglasses at night, we feel like we could be Arnold from the original Terminator movie: a badass machine with a thick Austrian accent. You could be anyone behind those shades; they’re like a barrier between you and the world of darkness around you. We digress. Here's how you nab your 50 percent discount. Just snap a selfie while wearing your shades at night, indoors, or wherever else they're entirely unnecessary; upload it to Instagram and tag @mounirnassifoptics and @cairoscene; hashtag #ShadesInShade, and you’ve got 50 percent off any product at their Citystars location.
Warm up that Instagram thumb, the contest begins on the 12th and runs through Valentine's Day. Anyone and everyone who enters can go right away to the Citystars location and claim their 50-percent-off sunglasses - just show any sales rep in the store your Instagram post! But the catch is - you can only get your hands on your shiny new pair of sunnies ON the 12th, 13th, or 14th of February. You can't go collect them next October. 
We'll see how good you are at following instructions because, if you don't follow the instructions exactly, no discount for you! Now, start selfie-ing.
For more information about Mounir Nassif Optics, visit their website and follow them on Facebook or on Instagram @mounirnassifoptics.