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Here's the All Organic Egyptian Scrub That will Bring Back Your Summer Glow

We've found our new summer hero and it comes in the form of a scrub.

With winter weather having stolen our natural glow, and dried up our usually smooth skin, we're about ready for a dose of TLC to get our bikini bodies back on track. And we've heard that exfoliating scrubs are all the rage. So in our mission to upgrade our beauty regimen this summer, we've found solace in our new summer hero, Smack That Scrub. Launching in mid February 2017, the online store's all-natural formulas ensure that each scrub targets a skin related issue while also incorporating skin tightening elements. And to be honest, we're just glad to have finally found an organic solution to the deviants that are cellulite and stretch marks.Founder of Smack That Scrub, Shahenda Shawki tells us that the brand is all about quality which is why she chose to focus on only one aspect of the world of organics: the scrub. Having also reached out to professional doctors within the field, Shawki has thoroughly researched each ingredient going into the homemade scrubs and has come up with the most efficient mixtures to treat skin-related complaints. 

“I've spoken to several doctors to find out how to treat each skin problem. I even have a few secret ingredients that aren’t usually used everywhere,” a coy Shawki tells us. “ I come up with mixtures that use oils and natural ingredients only and treat specific issues. So for example the pepper mint scrub - other than being unbelievably refreshing - is also good for the muscles. For now though, the four scrubs we have are lemon, violet, peppermint and vanilla.”The available scrubs so far tackle eczema, stretch marks, cellulite and acne, That's aside from the already established benefits of scrubs which are known remove dead skin cells and increase blood circulation, thus giving us a healthier glow. 

Being obsessed with healthier and overall organic beauty techniques, Shawki started Smack That Scrub theoretically as a capstone project. 

“I’ve been very into organic products in general for the past five years. I used to make DIY concoctions at home and test different ingredients on myself,” explains Shawki. "That’s when I’d started it as a project for universiy. Then the push to turn into more came from researching and realizing that all of the ailments most people complain about are stretch marks, cellulite and such things. And all these are treatable to a certain extent with organic methods.

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