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We're Hosting Our 2nd Blood Drive Next Monday and If You Join Us You Could Actually Save Lives

Next Monday, Cairoscene is hosting its second blood drive to do what we can to help and atone for a lifetime of bad humour.

We've got a population of 94.7 million, yet only 1% of them are blood donors, which is such a measly percentage, it's almost embarrassing. According to WHO, a minimum of 3% of Egypt's population needs to donate in order to sustain the country's blood supply - we're currently at one third of that. Now we want YOU to join us in doing what we can to help.

The Triple Effect is a project initiated by the Takaful Foundation and it works to provide access to safe blood for every person who needs it by working with companies or organisations to raise awareness about the issue and arrange blood drives. "The most important thing is to raise awareness so that people know about the issue, because otherwise they won't be encouraged to donate," says Ossama Samir, one of the leading team members behind the initiative. Essentially, a huge part of the problem lies in the mere fact that knowledge of the dire situation simply doesn’t exist.

In light of this, we teamed up with The Triple Effect and the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) to host a blood drive at the CairoScene office next Monday March 27th. Anyone is welcome to donate; if you'd like to participate and, you know, do a little good to counter all the haram stuff you'll be doing this summer, feel free to drop by anytime between 10 AM and 6 PM. 

If you guys are good boys and girls, and you come help someone who maybe in dire need of your blood, we promise to give you guys treats and lots and lots of juice to replenish your body fluids with. Who said we won't spoil you?

If you want to come along, meet the team, and do good, email us on, so we can count you in and send you our address. 

You can check out The Triple Effect’s Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @thetripleeffect. Email to participate in our blood drive on Monday March 27th.