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This New Egyptian App Promises to Deliver Your Groceries in 45 Minutes

Weelo: Because ordering directly from a supermarket can be an infuriating experience.

There’s a new app in town. With the amount of new ones popping up these days, it’s quite difficult to keep up with those that are useful, and the ones that just clutter your phone until you have to delete them to make more space. We all know the feeling. But Weelo shows great potential to not be one of those icons gathering dust bunnies on your phone menu.

Deliveries are a staple of Egypt; you can get just about anything delivered. But ordering groceries through a phone call can be quite an infuriating experience, as Weelo founders found out last year. ''I was on the phone for more than 20 minutes trying to place an order. Then it took more than 2 hours to receive my order, and when it arrived, there were missing items, and items that I didn’t order. It took me another 20 minutes to reach them to adjust the order and that’s when I realized there is a big problem'', said the founder. Maybe you just don’t want to be that asshole ordering just the one juice box that you’ve been daydreaming about all day. All in all, the customer service experience is just not there.

And that’s the reason Weelo was born. An on-demand delivery platform that specialises in groceries and promises to deliver in 45 minutes tops. The way it works is the following – through the application, customers are connected to the nearest Weelo partner supermarkets. The order is then made, and the rest is taken care of. The app helps digitize traditional supermarkets, chains, and hypermarkets so they can access their customers online. Basically, it provides supermarkets in Egypt the technology to offer customers a shopping experience that doesn’t make them want to blow their heads off. You can order anything and everything available in the supermarket, even if it's just a stick of butter, for example. Finally! Now I don't have to order random shit just to reach the minimum fee for orders. The delivery fee is around 10 EGP, and depends on distance and location. The application itself is very user-friendly, making it easy to scroll through different categories and pick whatever tickles your pickle.

Weelo founders were delighted to find out that they were selected in Egypt’s Apple App Store under “Apps we Love” – where Apple editors select the best and most relevant apps for the Egyptian market. That’s pretty cool; Apple tested user friendliness and technology and decided this app was no joke. Apple certified? Good enough for us.


At the moment, the app is up and running in Al Yasmeen, Al Banafseg, El Mohandessin Al Rehab, 6 October (El Motamayez District, 7th district, 2nd district, 1st district), Bashayer, and Sheikh Zayed. They also deliver to the following compounds; Beverly Hills, Khamaye, Palm Hills, and more. If they do not currently deliver to your area, wipe those tears off your eyes. They are currently planning to expand to the third and fifth settlement in new Cairo, as well as throughout Cairo and Giza.   

The app is now available on iOS and Android.