Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Wel3a 2.0

Opening their second branch this Tuesday, we get the inside scoop from Wel3a's owner, Amro ElFiky...

Staff Writer

We all love hanging out at Wel3a, the concept shisha café even though it’s partly responsible for the traffic jams on 26th July street. The bright colours and wafting aromas never fail to brighten up our days, but no day has been brighter than today – the day we learned of Wel3a’s new, bigger and bolder location opening this Tuesday, 30th April, this time bound to create traffic jams outside the already-busy Club 33. Yes, it’s in Zamalek again, but with a whole new flavour.

“The original Wel3a is more of a on-the-go type of thing, were you can have a quick shisha, dressed down, in a relaxed environment. It’s on the street after all!” says owner and smoke-aholic Amro ElFiky. “The new Wel3a is more of an outing; a lounge that still has the same Wel3a spirit. With a great view, and our signature colours it’s more of an occasion.”

That doesn’t mean ElFiky and his team have lost touch with their roots, though. Quality shisha pipes, flavours and technicians are still top of the agenda, if not more so with the new venture. “We take smoking seriously, so we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeves, like the 1.75 metre tall shisha with three hoses, where each person smoking can choose their own flavours, and we’re creating Egypt’s first shisha club,” he explains. What’s a shisha club? ElFiky will be hand picking tobacco connoisseurs to join the club, each of whom will get their own shisha (that means NO ONE else will be using it), and a private locker to store it. Sounds fancy, right? 

But that’s not all. “We have a private dock and have arranged with a felluca owner to take customers on trips, with their shishas, to enjoy a fine smoke on the Nile,” ElFiky adds. Like the original Wel3a, the new location will also be making agreements with the restaurants and outlets around it (including Grizzly Diner, Haagen Dazs, Medley’s and more) so you can order food and eat it without ever letting go of your pipe. Launching with a big bang this Tuesday, they’re bringing in some special entertainment. So special, ElFiky wouldn’t even tell us! Us! His best friends in the online world. For shame. Either way, we’ll be there at 7PM on the dot to be the first to experience Wel3a 2.0.

Find out more about Amro ElFiky and Wel3a in our Egyptian Entrepreneur interview with him here.

Keep in touch with Wel3a on their Facebook page here and follow @Wel3aCafe on Twitter.