Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Welcome to Earth

Maadi's latest hangout spot is a hippie haven that incorporates a gallery, shop and art school all in one.

Staff Writer

Welcome to Earth

If you're one of those people who are into the whole Tumblr/boho-chic look, you'll definitely love Earth, Maadi’s newest hipster haven. Earth is a clothing store, art gallery and school.

It all started with street art, back in 2011 by contemporary artists Hoda Ismail and Mohammed Aref. The idea then developed into professional mural paintings, and that's where the whole "Earth" idea came from, Ismail tells us.

“Our murals would have to include simple elements representing different cultures from around the world, so that anyone could relate to our art, whichever country they come from," Ismail adds.

"When it all started it was right after the Egyptian revolution. Unlike most Egyptian artists, we didn't like to do all the political, harsh and violent art. We were trying to create beauty from within the violent atmosphere the country was living in. We believe that if we bring out the beauty inside people, the world will be a much better place.”

They basically wanted to spread peace through art. With the same conception, they opened their first art gallery in September 2013, applying the same cultural concepts on all sorts of handmade products. For instance, Nubian, tribal, Indian or even Victorian patterns were applied on vases, lanterns and other home accessories. Working on wooden furniture, they made some mandala-like designs. The same concept has been applied to their new fashion lines, giving out Alexandrian fishermen harem pants, or Pharaoh-style skirts, and Bedouin-inspired clothes. The whole collection is inspired from different cultures. And not to forget of course the Native American DREAMCATCHERS! YES THEY HAVE DREAMCATCHERS!!!