Saturday June 10th, 2023
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Welcome to Porto Elsha3b

The April 6 Movement's latest visual campaign is perhaps irony at its best; building on the various 'Porto' compounds nationwide, the campaign sheds light on the sharp wealth gap in the country.

Staff Writer

Whether it's a glitzy trip to the coast or a swanky beach party, upper class Egyptians love nothing more than fecklessly ignoring the life crippling poverty that surrounds them every day.

And nothing quite reflects the self-centred reality than the vacuous pictures adorning Egyptians' social media sites.

However a new campaign by the April 6 Movement entitled Porto Elsha3b hopes to give a more accurate pictures of the problems facing everyday Egyptians.

Porto Elsha3b mimics the advertising campaign for 'Porto' - the luxury brand behind various nationwide resorts including Porto Cairo and Porto Sokhna.

Here's our selection of the grittiest pictures available.

For more information visit the campaign's Facebook page.