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Welcome to the Keek Show

Scores of Saudi women are using anonymous video platform Keek to make homemade, soft-core porn, dancing and stripping in front of their camera phones.

In the latest trend likely to leave religious police feeling hot under the collar, women across Saudi Arabia are stripping off and getting sexy on social media. A CairoScene investigation found hundreds of videos posted by exhibitionist females, keen to get their kit off on camera for the Kingdom's leading social networks.

Our reporters spotting more than 50 videos depicting Saudi females stripping or dancing provocatively in the hugely popular anonymous videos platform. One video unearthed on the popular Keek site features a scantily clad Saudi girl showing off raked in more than 1000 views.

Meanwhile, another featured two Saudi females appearing in leggings performing raunchy moves in front of the camera.

The craze has also proven popular on the YouTube video sharing site where scores of videos have received thousands of comments.

The move flies in the face of the country's strict religious laws which ban public nudity and sexual freedom. However, the country's brave booty shakers remain undeterred as they continue to post weekly or even nightly sex clips.

Meanwhile, many posters have built a dedicated following of loyal fans waiting for their bi-weekly or even nightly shows. The videos are usually shot in private homes across the KSA and sometimes in more risqué venues such as public toilets.

The Saudi homemade porn scene looks set to grow as the Kingdom experiences something of a sexual revolution.

Here at CairoScene, we say it's about time too.