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Westin Comes to Cairo And We Feel Better Already

Escape the chaos of the city and develop a new level of wellbeing at the first wellness focused resort in Cairo.

Living in a city like Cairo is mentally and physically draining to the point that it can be near impossible to keep your mind and body healthy, no matter how hard you try. Westin Hotels, known the world over for their devotion to promoting wellness that lasts long after you check out, have now opened up in our fair city to give Cairenes peace of mind and body.

The Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa Katameya Dunes is the first place of its kind in Cairo. Built on the six pillars of well-being – move well, sleep well, eat well, feel well, play well, and work well – Westin inspires its guests to take the initiative and leave in a better state of being than when they arrived.

Its 135 rooms set within a 27-hole golf course, designed by Sir Nick Faldo, provide the perfect setting for a psychosomatic overhaul. It's a heavenly experience, which includes three outlets with healthy and mouthwatering menus, and that 3000-square metre spa will help you discover the better you that has been there all along, waiting to be released.  The ballroom, complete with a sweeping view of the golf course, is perfect for all kinds of events and even weddings.  

People in the U.S. and Europe have been benefiting from Westin's wellness-focused philosophy and, now, those 'in the know' in New Cairo can experience the same transcendent qualities at Westin Cairo Golf Resort & Spa at Katameya Dunes.


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