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Wet Bunnies Pool Party Is Set To Shake Up El Gouna

Ain't no party like a Sliders Cable Park Wet Bunny Pool Party!


We just needed to get that out of our systems. Plus, it's always a good start when someone yells pool party - you know, unless it comes right before they tackle you and your umpteen electronic devices into the pool. Regardless, pool parties are always a good idea, particularly on a springtime long weekend where it's far too hot in the morning and the weather at night is just cool enough to take a midnight dip in the pool. Day-long pool parties are where it's at, particularly when they're in El Gouna.

Sliders Cable Park is going to be home to Easter-themed, day-long, musically-mindblowing, activity-packed pool party, Wet Bunnies, on April 30th starting right when the sun is hottest: noon. Between bunny dancers, sipping on cocktails, and taking a dip in the pool, David Mayer will be leading the show with his Deep House beats coming in all the way from Berlin for the Easter jam. Also taking to the decks will be our very own Baher, dynamic duo Aguizi & Fahim, and A-Squared.

There are a lot of ways we could spend our Easter weekends, but on any given day we'd love nothing more than a pool and some drinks along with kickass music - well, perhaps adding a little pizza to the mix wouldn't hurt, either but that really just applies across the board to all things in life. Don't forget your sunscreen - it's gonna be a scorcher.

For more details about the event, click here