Thursday September 28th, 2023
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What On Earth Is #UnitedForGood?

Who's united? To do what? Where? Why?! We ask all the questions - we also found some answers.

Staff Writer

Everyone has been asking the same questions for a week. What is #UnitedForGood? Who is behind this rapidly-growing hashtag, and who's uniting to do what? We've been very curious as well, so we dug deep until we found the people behind the movement. Those adrenaline-hungry and sweat-drenched ambition addicts we've been hearing about and seeing all over social media are the key behind this campaign. We have been intimidated by them, motivated by them, or even jealous of them for a long time; they are the ‘Fitters’. They're those athletes who seemingly never take a break or a breather, always competing against one another and even against themselves. Well thanks to Fit-Squad, co-founded by trainer Ahmed Menoufi, things are about to change; they decided to stop the competition and work to utilise the power of unity for a higher cause. Bringing together a slew of big names and influential people from our fair city, the likes of Amina Khalil, Mustafa Sharara, Just A Goproer, FitSquad, Crossfit Stars, On Track, SilverGiant, Crossfit Hitters, Nike Ambassador Hala Serag El Din, and The Wellness Log are joining in one common goal: #UnitedForGood.

But, still, what are they uniting for? What 'good' is driving these masses to cause such a ruckus online? What are they up to? On the 8th of April at Smash Katameya Residence, everyone is coming together to celebrate Orphan’s Day by offering a helping hand. Everyone is encouraged to participate in a 5 KM run for a minimal fee - or even just come and by a shirt, if you're of the lazy sort and fear running alongside all the fit folks. Proceeds will, of course, go toward orphans.

If you're clever, you'll notice the double entendre behind #UnitedForGood; not only are they coming together for a good cause, but they also plan on staying together as a united entity of influential athletes, creatives, and people from across the cityscape. While competition of various sorts may divide them, they're uniting - for good. Many of your favourite people are already signed up to be part of this great event; Mohamed Auf, Aly Mazhar, Farah Nofal, Hussein Abdel Dayem, Norshek Fawzy, Tara Emad, Salma Abu Deif, and Omar Samra - you know, just to name drop.

For more details check their Facebook page by clicking here.