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WhatsUp AUC Goes Viral On Facebook And Might Break A Guinness World Record

Taking Facebook by storm with over 25,000 members in just five days, WhatsUp AUC is now eligible to compete for a Guinness World Record as the fastest growing Facebook group.

I graduated from AUC in 2009 and, as happy as I was to graduate, it felt crappy to leave behind this place that I called home. I may seem a little over the top with this, but I know most AUCians can relate. We had always been prejudged and stereotyped as the shabab elsees or 'the elite' of the Egyptian society when, in reality, we are neither and we never even felt that we were better than anyone. We have always just been a community of diverse individuals who, in many ways, grew to become a family. Leaving AUC behind meant letting go of a part of your soul. I used to miss all those moments hanging out on the Main Campus ‘between courts’ and just watching all these familiar nameless faces walk by as I enjoyed the day with my friends. I used to miss laying back in the garden in front of the Science Building doing practically nothing. I used to miss sitting on the ‘Plat’ in The Greek Campus just laughing and joking around with friends. I used to miss so much of our culture and trends that were more or less unique to the AUC family.

The only reason I say ‘I used to’ is because now we're all finally part of this one Facebook group that brings everything back to life: WhatsUp in AUC.  In less than five days, the group has reached 25,000 members and it just keeps growing. I have never seen or been part of a group that is as active, entertaining, funny, and exciting as this. From warm memories and cute photos to Ahmed Habib’s perfect posts, this group really captures what it means to be AUCian. And guess what, the group is now eligible to compete for a Guinness World Record as the fastest growing Facebook group. If that is not legendary, I don’t know what is. I think it should even be eligible for a Guinness World Record as the most active Facebook group, or the group that keeps people up the latest every night.

As an AUC alumni of a relatively younger generation than most, I just can't get enough of these photos and stories of AUC in the past. And just like each and every one of the 25k members, I just have to read every single word by and about the legend that is Ahmed Habib; I even giggled when he accepted my friend request. How can any AUCian resist this group? It is no wonder it has grown this much in such a short time; we haven't enjoyed Facebook this much in a very long time. It really is true, "once an AUCian, always an AUCian and proud" – forever a family.