Wednesday December 6th, 2023
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When Cairo Got Clashed

Last week, we got exclusive access to Converse's massive PhotoClash event when it landed in Egypt to turn photography into unique works of art with a couple of Cairo's most interesting artists.

Staff Writer

After weeks of anticipation and turns around the globe – including Spain, England and Lebanon – Converse’s photo clash finally hit Egypt. Artists Amro Thabit and Hassan Hassan were armed and ready to clash Cairo’s photos, using markers, paint and anything they could get their hands on. Converse asked and Cairo responded with a legion of submissions before the event even began.

At noon, armed with Cairo’s submissions, the artists took over, adding yellow birds, creating creatures and even managing to throw in a few Mean Girls references to boot. The day progressed quickly with submission after submission and the artists adding their magic to selfies, landscapes and any other pictures they wanted to be clashed by Converse. By the end of the day almost 300 submissions had come in and 40 pictures were clashed by Thabit and Hassan. 

Amro Thabit and Hassan Hassan with their finished PhotoClashes.

The iconic brand made sure to enlist the talents of two of Cairo’s coolest artist, to bring the sneaker’s identity to life. The two artists both displayed two varying styles, Thabit with almost grotesque cartoons done in lashings of yellow and purple, while Hassan went from cartoon characters to splashes of colours and an endless number of mermaids (beach pictures were obviously amongst the most submitted). Cairo went crazy sending over picture after picture and 40 lucky contributors got their photos clashed. 

Thabit at work.

From bright colours to short stories, #ClashMyPhoto had all of Cairo buzzing, with submissions coming in well into the night. Both artists enjoyed the day, with arguments for the best pictures, lots of coffee, about 300 biscuits from the Semiramis Pavillion conference room, one pot of silver glitter, about 15 black pens that stopped working and a Go Pro camera on their heads taking place as picture after picture was clashed and sent over. With the most submissions in the Middle East, both artists were clashing their butts off, determined to make sure Egypt made its mark – literally and metaphorically.

Finished PhotoClash by Hassan.

Converse has injected just a little bit of cool into Cairo, all with a pair of Chucks, a few markers and a whole lot of pictures.