Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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When Fashion Revolts

Fustany's #FashionRevolution and website re-launch is inspiring Egyptian women to wear whatever the hell they want...

Staff Writer

You can’t really ignore a revolution no matter how hard you try (and no matter how many people you unfollow for tweeting about politics) and you can’t really ignore fashion either (unless you want to look like Jennifer Lawrence and we all know how I feel about that). So imagine how hard it would be to ignore a fashion revolution (it’s not as dramatic as I make it sound, I promise). Pretty hard, right?

Well, that’s exactly what Fustany did in their new campaign as part of their summer re-launch/website re-vamping. The new Fustany is all about revolutionising fashion and encouraging women in the Middle East to get inspired by the Arab Spring and apply that ideology of freedom and revolt to their daily fashion choices. Their new website has this clean-cut, modern feel to it which I adore, and their new campaign is quite the visual treat. There’s a video as well (I know a campaign is successful when they have videos) featuring a song by Egyptian rapper Zap Tharwat that shows a model flipping through some TV channels and watching some important political events like Morsi’s delusional speeches and Amr Adeeb saying nonsense that nobody really listens to, then just ignoring them and doing her own fashion thing. 

The campaign is also accompanied by some pretty kickass posters (á la Andy Warhol) that are a parody of certain political events that happened in Egypt (e.g.: a “hatooly Louboutin!” poster instead of the infamous phrase “hatooly ragel!”). Fustany also reaches out to the public via the #FashionRevolution hashtag, where they encourage women to go out in the streets with daring articles of clothing and posting pictures of their outfits with the aforementioned hashtag, thus inciting a “true fashion revolution” and taking it to the streets of Cairo. They also plan on launching an app for their website that will be available for iOs and Android phones. That’s what I call getting with the times. 

Honestly, I’m a huge fan of Fustany and their summer re-launch is nothing if not an idea that is bound to be amazingly successful. Their subtle political message has certainly not gone unnoticed, their new website is excellent and their campaign is delightful. However, what I think makes this summer re-launch stand out (you have no idea how many companies are “re-launching” this summer) is how they stepped up as one of the leading fashion entities in Egypt and decided to inspire Egyptian fashionistas to be a bit riskier, which I truly think is something Egypt needs right now. 

Check out http://www.fustany.com/en or search #FashionRevolution on Twitter to join in the conversation.