Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Where to Give Blood on World Blood Donor Day

In honour of World Blood Donor Day, we've put together a list of Egyptian facilities so you can give some blood back to the community, and bring some help for those who need it.

Yara Abus-Suud

Today is World Blood Donor Day, so we’ve put together a list of local establishments where you can donate blood for those in need.

NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE // Located at Cairo’s Kasr Al-Ainy neighbourhood, this institute is wholly dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.

CHILDREN’S CANCER HOSPITAL 57357 (CAIRO & TANTA) // Known as Hospital 57357, this hospital specializes in treating children's cancer, with both branches in Cairo and Tanta accepting blood donations. The Cairo branch is considered the biggest pediatric oncology hospital in the world with 320 beds.

AIN SHAMS UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS // Ain Shams University has over eight hospitals specialising in different areas across Cairo, all of which accept blood donations.

CAIRO UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS // Cairo University’s hospitals are the oldest educational and medical hospitals in Egypt and the Middle East. Blood donations are open at all five of their facilities.

EGYPTIAN RED CRESCENT // The Egyptian Red Crescent has multiple blood banks across Egypt, with specialised centres for blood transfusion for children. You can find a full list of their locations at

NATIONAL BLOOD TRANSFUSION CENTER // The National Blood Transfusion Center, located in Agouza, is dedicated to blood donations. You can donate every day of the week excluding Fridays without an appointment.

REGIONAL CENTER FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSION // Due to the centre’s COVID-19 vaccination centres, they have set up an alternative venue for blood donations. The Regional Center for Blood Transfusion has a mobile unit setup in front of Helwan Metro Station where you can donate blood without an appointment.

RESALA // Resala accepts blood donations as part of their charity work on the first Thursday of every month at all of their branches across Cairo. For more information or if you want to donate to those in urgent need for blood, call Resala’s blood bank on 01110019450.

DR. MOHAMED EL SHABRAWISHY HOSPITAL // Located in Dokki, this hospital has a blood donation unit where you can walk in and donate without an appointment.