Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Who You Gonna' Call? 180!

The Egyptian police force announced numbers for "concerned" citizens to call to report Muslim Brotherhood members.

Staff Writer

Who You Gonna' Call? 180!
In a move reminiscent of Nazi Germany the government has launched a hotline to allow Egyptians to report suspect Muslim Brotherhood members. 
The Stasi-style hotline is set to allow would-be snitches to report family, neighbours, friends, family pets or anyone else suspected of belonging the newly-outlawed 'terrorist' group.

The Egyptian Security Service tweeted specialised numbers the National Security system has set up to receive reports on anyone belonging to the group. The page shared the three numbers ([02] 22645000, 22647000 & 22648000) for concerned citizens to used.

General Mamdouh Abdel Qader also urges all Egyptians to immediately report any "strange" packages that may appear to be explosives, using the hotline 180, adding "We have a specialsed team working on the hotline to receive any reports and elevate them to the suitable authorities." In short, get ready for a witch hunt.