Thursday June 1st, 2023
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Copied The New Application To Find Your Lost Child

Lost your keys? Or jacket? Or pet? Or child, maybe? With this new app, you don't have to worry about losing a thing – including humans...

Staff Writer

You’re late for your meeting. Your boss is screaming at you via WhatsApp. You’re spinning around the house with one shoe on and the other in your hand trying to find your keys with curlers and bobby pins in your hair. You’re now running around the dining table trying to remember where you misplaced them. You’re screwed.

We all have those moments, however, there’s finally a solution that’ll control your Dory-like memory (a la Finding Nemo) and save you from those moments of panic, especially if you’ve lost your pet – or worse, your child. You can attach a WhoFound.Me pin to your child’s t-shirt, or on your pet’s collar so you can find them without having to run around, like a headless chicken, asking random people if they’ve seen them. We all know how those little monsters like to wander off to play with others in Nadi El Gezira. Alternately, you can add a pin on your husband and find him any time during the day to make sure he's not cheating. “Our service is the first of its kind; we help people instantly find their lost items and loved ones,” explains co-founder Diaa ElSaqa.“The application WhoFound.Me and is launching within two months from now,” added ElSaqa. It’s basically a digital lost and found system. Finders can scan the QR Tags using the WhoFound.Me application, and you’ll instantly receive an email with the location. Meanwhile, the finder will access your contact details online and reach you through the website; both options work as a direct link to you. “Each smart ID contains two unique codes: A QR code and an ID code. The QR code may be scanned within seconds using your phone, while the smart ID code can be entered online on WhoFound.Me,” explains ElSaqa. So no matter what you lose, don't fret – you’ll get it back!

Check out their website here.