Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Win 2 Tickets To Your Dream Holiday With #EasyTrav

We're teaming up with EasyTrav to offer intrepid photo editors tickets to anywhere in the world! And all you have to do is get Instagramming...

Staff Writer

Competition has been extended to 1st December 2015

Who needs a holiday? Everyone, always, obviously. EasyTrav and CairoScene are teaming up to give one aspiring world traveler a trip anywhere in the world!

EasyTrav has been the go-to source for a great vacation for 15 years. If you want to get somewhere, and you want to get there easily and reliably, let EasyTrav handle it. They do it all, flights, hotels, pickups and assistance; the works.

Fancy a trip to Paris? Sightseeing in Rome? How about New York City? Literally just “picture” yourself there and it could come true. 

Think of it. Getting away from work. Putting a few hundreds miles between you and the office. Letting your coworkers fend for themselves while you lay on a sun-soaked beach. Burying your feet in the warm sand, drinking neon colored beverages with little tiny umbrellas in them. Watching the sunset while the people back home are staring at screens. Or maybe you need the sound and chaos of a city. Just maybe a different city, sa7? Check out the nightlife of an unfamiliar skyline. Spend your rent money at the fancy outlets they don’t have back home. Eat some food you can’t pronounce the name of. Meet new and interesting foreigners with funny accents and weird haircuts.

Wherever in the world you want to go, whatever you want to do, once you get there EasyTrav has you covered, completely avoiding the panic and hassle you may have experienced in your travel nightmares.

The only limit is your imagination and image manipulation skills. Actually, that second part isn’t all that important.

Our contest is so simple and entering is easy. First, you have to pick a destination (duh). Second, open up Photoshop or MS Paint, or your image editing software of choice, and ’shop yourself into whatever place you’ve picked (the tackier the ’shop the better.) Instagram your photo and tag @EasyTrav and @CairoScene, along with the hashtag #EasyTrav. 

The winner gets a ticket for two to wherever they’ve virtually visited, so make it a good one! Entries will be judge harshly based on creativity and humour, with mean comments left for those of you that disappoint. We will announce the winner on Tuesday 1st December!

Check out Easy Trav packages at and visit them on their Facebook here.