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Win Tickets To The First Showing of Star Wars & Breakfast At Mince With #SKOTWARS

Our resident dark-sider is inviting the 10 biggest Star Wars fans in Egypt to see Episode VII the second it comes out with a roundtable discussion afterwards at Mince!

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is coming to Egyptian cinemas December 16th, and our resident Star Wars nut, Skot, is beyond excited.
Skot came to Egypt from America a few months ago with no action figures, lego sets, or lightsabers. Sad as it is, he still doesn’t need any of that to prove he’s the ultimate Star Wars nerd. His tattoos say it all. Both his arms and hands are covered in images from the films, and even a few from the video games. 
Now since the most anticipated movie in the history of geekery is coming out soon - in Egypt first, nonetheless - and we just so happen to have the self-proclaimed “King of the Nerds" right here in our office, we thought, why not give all the nerds, geeks, dorks, and dweebs a chance to do what they love best? Show off.
We’re giving away 10 tickets to the very first showing of Star Wars Episode VII on December 16th at Vodafone’s IMAX theatre in The Americana Plaza at 10:15 AM, followed by brunch and discussion of the movie at Mince Burger. All you need to do is impress Skot. That’s it.

Whether it’s your Star Wars memorabilia collection, an awesome cosplay, or a badass wookie impression, just upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #SKOTWARS, tag @CairoScene and @MinceBurgersEG, and Skot will decide if you're worthy.