Monday September 25th, 2023
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Win a Huawei GR5 for Yo Mama This Mother's Day

Post the worst photo your mom has ever taken on Instagram, tagging @HuaweiMobileEg, #صورة_ماما_احلى and #GR5_2017, for a chance to win a brand new Huawei GR5 and lead a normal life in which her feed doesn't look like an endless stream of dementor-kissed faces!

Staff Writer

Unless your mother is Beyoncé, chances are she couldn’t take an Instagrammable photo to save her life, and her Instagram mainly consists of inspirational quotes of the Home Ec variety and blurred baby photos of you. Things really get out of hand, however, when a mother is entrusted with a phone camera, the results are usually visual absurdity; we’re talking missing limbs, cropped off heads, and dementor-kissed faces!        

Mothers are awesome, but we can’t just let them sabotage the internet (or as they like to call it, the internets) as they irresponsibly point their phones and snap everything and everyone with no sense of direction – they use this thing like a radar speed gun! They’ll sneak up on you and capture you out of focus and at your ugliest and share it with the whole world.  

Don’t disown your mom just yet! This Mother’s Day, Huawei is mending relations between Egyptian mothers and their disgraced children with their famous top of the line GR5. The dual camera phone not only holds within its microchips the secret to eternal youth, it’s also mommy-proof! The device lets her take clumsy shots, distorting reality into one big hazy blob, then the ingenious camera retouches, edits, and refocuses them!

All you have to do to get your hands on one of these babies is show off your mom’s handiwork! Post the most atrocious photo your mom has ever taken on Instagram, tagging @HuaweiMobileEg, #صورة_ماما_احلى and #GR5_2017 for a chance to win a brand new Huawei GR5!

Not only will this wonder device make ameliorate your mother's social media game, she will then hold within her palms the secret to Instagram fame and giving the internet's overlords a run for their money; with an 8 mega pixel front camera and a 12 +2 mega pixel main one, a built-in 'bokeh' effect - that's the photography aesthetic blurring the out of focus elements of a photo, for you non-shutterbugs! Not only that, the Huawei GR5 is, quite literally, mommy-proof in that it requires minimal technical knowledge to snap beautiful photos due to a sensor incorporated in the camera that produces clear, crisp, and sharp visuals every time, even if she's trying to capture a herd of deer from a moving vehicle at night - it's that crazy good!              

So hurry up and show your mom some tough social media love for her own good. It’s the only way they’ll learn!

*The content of this article is sponsored.