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Woman Auctions Virginity Again

A Brazilian bombshell is selling her virginity to the highest bidder - for the second time

How does one sell one's virginity again? A silly question we know, but for one determined Brazilian, this unlikely circumstance is supposedly 'real', or at least real enough to be spread virally on the internet.

Catarina Miglionrini originally put up her virginity for auction last October as part of documentary called Virgins Wanted by filmmaker Justin Sisely. The highest bidder was a Japanese man named 'Natsu' who offered $780,000. Miglionrini claims that she was duped by Sisely and that the Japanese man didn't fit the description, adding that she was never given cent by either their auction winner or the filmmaker. However, she also claims to not have had sex, so one can understand why she received nothing.

The original auction made her a minor celebrity in Brazil and led to her posing for Playboy in both Brazil and Argentina. “After being featured by so many media outlets in so many countries, I decided to actually auction off my virginity,” she explains to The Huffington Post regarding her decision to do it again.

Miss Migliorini previously said she wanted to give 90%of the final auction sale price to a non-governmental organisation constructing modern houses in her southern home state of Santa Catarina.

It’s unclear if she will stay true to her word this time around but taking a look at her photos, we can picture her starting a bidding war. Considering how much Arabs love their virgins, we imagine somewhere in the Gulf is a rich Arab, petting his domesticated lion, looking for a new way to waste his money. Besides, we imagine finding a Brazilian virgin is rarer than any endangered lion out there.