Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Woman Forced to Give Birth in Street Outside Egypt Hospital

A viral video showing a woman giving birth outside a hospital in Beheira has raised some serious questions regarding negligence at the hospital…

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Woman Forced to Give Birth in Street Outside Egypt Hospital

Giving birth is the miracle of life; a pinnacle moment for any family. But for one family, giving birth proved to be a nightmare as they were allegedly refused admittance into a hospital, and the mother was instead forced to give birth outside its doors.

According to Aswat Masriya, the incident took place on October 10; however what exactly happened remains shrouded in the mystery. The family alleges that the hospital administration were guilty of negligence. The distressed soon-to-be mother reportedly needed a caesarean section, but the hospital allegedly refused to give her one. With no options, the women gave birth outside the hospital door, which was captured in this video that quickly became viral.

The hospital nonetheless released a report on Sunday that denies the allegations. “Nobody would prevent a patient from receiving the necessary medical treatment as claimed,” the hospital said in its report. According to the hospital, the patient was examined on October 10 and was advised that she may need a caesarean section when the time comes, because of the “the large size of the embryo.”

Three hours later, the hospital claims that the patient began suffering from labour pains outside the hospital door. The hospital claims that they attempted to move her to the emergency room to deliver the baby, but alleged that one of people accompanying the patient “strongly refused” to let the hospital admit her so that they could film the delivery.

On Monday, Egypt’s Minister of Health Adel El-Adawi appeared on state TV to order the suspension of the Beheira hospital director, as well as the doctors at Kafr al-Dawar Hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynaecology department. This disciplinary action is indicative that some negligence was involved. However, Adawi announced the formation of a committee to look into the authenticity of the family’s accusations.