Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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World’s Biggest Open Water Swimming Event Comes to Egypt

For the first time in not just Egypt, but Africa as a whole, the Oceanman open swimming competition is being held in Sahl Hasheesh for open water swimmers.

Staff Writer

Open water swimming competition Oceanman is making a splash in Egypt for the first time - not just in the history of the country, but in all of Africa! Coming to Sahl Hasheesh on October 30th and October 31st, the international franchise gathers amateurs and professionals alike from all ages, 14 and above, for an intense competitive experience.

Oceanman is a variation of the Ironman Triathlon, and has been brought to Egypt by open water swimmer Cherif Fathy. After Fathy attended the competition abroad last year and met the CEO Fermin Egido, he decided to bring it back home. “We’ve had a growing open water swimming community. I wanted to help harvest that community, especially since we have amazing seas in Egypt," Fathy tells #CairoScene. "People travel to other countries just to do open water swimming, but we have gorgeous waters here and that could open up a new part of tourism for us as well.”

The three-day event combines between amateurs and professional swimmers in the same races, and rewards anybody who crosses the finish line with a finisher medal. The event’s longest race, a 10 kilometre swim, will be held on the last day of the event.

Registration is now open, and closes on October 16th. For more info, visit