Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Y Lounge: Fatoushing Brilliant

The other day my friends and I wanted to go out for delicious food, good shisha and possibly a car-free, non-polluted view...

Staff Writer

I suggested the airport and off to a different country. But we ended up at Y Lounge, which I thought would be just like any other lounge. In my mind, I didn’t think it would be anything special. I was wrong. Interior design guru and mastermind behind Yasso’s transition to Y Lounge Nihal Zaki pretty much majored in special.

It was love at first sight. Firstly, with Y Lounge’s mouthwatering menu, you can choose from hotmezzas, various fattat and manaqeesh to fried birds and kebbeh nayeh. That’s not all! The fatoush, oh the fatoush! After I fell in love with Y Lounge’s delicious salad, I started using the word fatoush instead of all the words that start with the letter F. “You’re such a fatoush!” … “I don’t want to be yourfatoush anymore,” … “What the FATOUSH is going on?!” Things started getting really complicated, but the fatoush was worth it.



Secondly –  you know when you’re chilling with friends and you suddenly get the urge to pee, but then you look around and you’re surrounded by tangled shisha pipes so you decide “Fatoush this shit, I’d rather piss my pants than have to move all of this.” Well at Y Lounge’s Shisha Bar, I didn’t have to think twice before getting up.  The shisha comes from inside the actual bar, so it’s out of sight, and out of the way when you’re trying to run to the bathroom! All you have to deal with is the amazing flavours they have on offer. Try the Sunshine cocktail one – it’s fatoushing brilliant!
You can't see the shisha but you'll definitely feel it

Thirdly –  when it comes to football, I (unlike other girls) understand that I don’t understand. People start cheering, I like to get up and hug whoever is in my face. People get mad; I like to pretend like I’m super pissed and give the waiters furious looks like I’m about to break a chair on someone’s head. Honestly, I have absolutely no feelings when it comes to football. So if you’re forcing me to watch the game, I might as well be enjoying my time in a place where watching, eating, drinking cheering and breathing felt fatoushilious. Y Lounge was definitely playing the game right.

So for those of us who enjoy delicious Lebanese food, out-of-sight flavored shisha, cheering for a team you’ve never heard of and unbeatable ambiance then look no further than Y Lounge! Like their Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter. Book your table exclusively with