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Yanni Set to Play in Egypt

For the first time ever, internationally celebrated composer and musician Yanni is set to play live in Cairo at the Pyramids! Here are some of his most memorable pieces...

Classical musician and worldwide favourite, Greek-American composer Yanni is currently on his 2015\2016 World Tour and will be making a stop at Cairo, Egypt for the first time ever, and the city is seriously excited about his arrival!

The music producer and keyboard artist of many talents broke the news on his Facebook and Twitter pages, revealing that he will be letting out his magical tunes on the 30th of October at the Pyramids of Giza, at the Sound and Light Theatre. 

For bookings and more information about "The Dream Concert", stay tuned to CairoScene. Meanwhile, we gathered some of Yanni's most memorable performances and music pieces that have a tendency to leave you in awe.

 For All Seasons




World Dance


The Storm