Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Yoga & Fitness by the Beach

Some weird people like to exercise on their vacations. If you're one of them, then Sahl Hasheesh has quite the spring break in store for you.

Staff Writer

Yoga & Fitness by the Beach

Now in our alcoholic world, spring break is a time for getting drunk on the beach and and subsequently passing out with our faces in the sand. But there are some people out there (it's true!) that do not suffer from the same alcoholic tendencies we do and are instead are of the fit, healthy variety. Those people who (gasp!) exercise, won't be dying from lung cancer by the age of thirty, and can make it up the stairs without doubling, over clutching at their chests, à la us. If you are amongst these fit, healthy humans of the city that we are eternally envious of because, well, they can make it up the stairs and we can't, then Sahl Hasheesh's awesome Yoga and Crossfit retreat is definitely up your alley. 

Spend your spring break in the gorgeous Sahl Hasheesh, where the sea is blue and the girls are pretty. And you don’t have to slack off from your healthy fit lifestyle because not only will they have Crossfit Engine38, they of the formet el Sahel bodies, but they've also got Yoga Life with Katherine (who's clearly a big enough deal to warrant one name, à la Madonna), they of the flexible joints and Zen outlook on life. So essentially, your exercise routine is coming with you to the beach! You can alternate between beach relaxation and fit, healthy time so you don’t feel guilty when you get back to Cairo (as we always do, gaining, without fail, a minimum of 5 extra kilos over Easter break). Getting shitfaced is optional.

For more details, head to their Facebook page here, or check out Sahl Hasheesh's page here.