Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Zombies Are Taking Over El Gouna, and You're Cordially Invited to Their Zombieball

Ain't no party like a zombie party...?

Staff Writer

If you're planning to take a trip to Gouna on the weekend of October 27th, then you're in for a [trick or] treat! For the three days, you'll be celebrating Halloween like you never have before but probably the way Halloween should actually be celebrated: with a mass of zombies roaming the streets in broad daylight. Epicness level: 100. Ready to hit epicness level: 500? Those same zombies will be partying it up with you on the dance floor of the Zombieball.

Coming to Egypt from all the way in the UK, Submerged Sports Ltd. is combining forces with Jeep to bring their epic annual Zombieball to El Gouna. Epicness level: UK's largest after dark zombie crawl, with 4,000+ zombiefied folks in attendance. Now, on the27th, get yourself to one of El Gouna's staple landmarks – Abu Tig Marina, Downtown, etc. – and you'll find yourself face-to-face with some serious wranglers – Jeep Wranglers, of course. They'll have QR codes for you to scan and possibly win something hella awesome. But... It's not that easy. Zombies roam the land, remember? They'll be alive – well, relatively – and definitely kicking as they show up in broad daylight to challenge you to reaching the code. Happy wrangling; you definitely watched enough The Walking Dead to know how to take them.

By the next day (28th) at 8:30 PM you'll have to have made your peace with the zombies because you'll need to show up to The New Marina and borrow some of their clothes and nasty blood (hopefully it's just makeup) so you can fit in with the zombie crowd for the rest of the night. After perfecting your new look – chic zombie bride, perhaps? – you'll party it up zombie style at 10 PM with Abu Samra, Baher, and The Meteor Project on the decks while you get your zombie on.

Once you come back to your senses – and perhaps your sobriety – the next day, you'll remember that Halloween is supposed to be a children's thing anyway and you're just pulling a Peter Pan and refusing to grow up. That's okay, have fun being a kid on the 29th at the family event happening from 3 PM on Moods Beach, and then again at 7 PM at the Mazagouna Side of Abu Tig Marina. Of course, there'll be awesome music with DJ Safi and plenty of fun to go around for the whole family, with a huge queue of children taking part in the greatest 'Abu Tig or Treat' March. Here's the kicker: you will be witnessing the children of El Gouna attempt a Guinness World Record to create the largest human replica of Jack-O'-Lantern.


We've got a question for you: what are you going to do on Halloween weekend that could possibly be more epic than wrangling with zombies then joining them at a ball? Oh, wait – nothing. The answer is 'nothing.