Thursday March 30th, 2023
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You Can Help These Entrepreneurs Create the First Makerspace in Suez JUST by Watching This Video

A new Clickfunding campaign gives YOU the power to fill a community workspace with advanced tech tools for entrepreneurs, and all you have to do is watch this video.

Staff Writer

Egyptian social startup Bassita is back at it again with another Clickfunding campaign, and this time, they’re raising clicks to help other entrepreneurs get their businesses moving with tech tools. 50,000 views of this Clickfunding video will earn Shamsia Space 50,000 EGP towards furnishing a workspace for entrepreneurs.

Clickfunding is a social initiative that challenges the very concept of lazy armchair “slacktivism” by proving that clicks, likes, and shares can garner real results when counted on its web platform. The site tallies social media involvement and corporate sponsors donate funds or supplies when their goals are reached. Through the power of social networking, Clickfunding has already funded 1,000 water connections in Upper Egypt in partnership with UNICEF and Water for Life, and brought heat and shelter to 7,000 Egyptians last winter.

This time, Bassita is partnering with nonprofit social entrepreneurship incubator Nahdet El Mahrousa to deliver something completely different. The two organisations are working to create a makerspace in Suez, and Arabian Cement Company will provide additional funding if the Clickfunding campaign is successful. A makerspace is a workspace containing niche tech tools such as laser cutters and 3D printers. These tools are often essential for entrepreneurs or small organisations, but can be prohibitively expensive to obtain. An open makerspace would remove this financial hurdle and help startups and innovators create prototypes or products. Shamsia Space already owns the property for the makerspace in Suez, but needs your help to fill it with supplies.

For more information on this Clickfunding campaign, you can read the whole story on their website.

Main image: Still from video above