Saturday May 25th, 2024
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You Can Now Get a French Visa if You are an Entrepreneur or a Tech Talent

The newly launched French Tech Visa Programme gives foreign entrepreneurs, investors, and tech talents who join French startups a 4-year visa to move to the European country, bringing their families along.

Staff Writer

You Can Now Get a French Visa if You are an Entrepreneur or a Tech Talent

Just when you thought entrepreneurship couldn’t get any more exciting, the French government announced the release of the French Tech Visa programme, a special visa given for startup founders, tech talents joining a French venture, and tech investors. The program, which aims to support the startup scene globally, allows foreign citizens to settle in France for a period of four years, and bring their families along.

According to TechCrunch, the European country had already launched a French Ticket Programme for startups in 2015, which included a family visa, a small grant, and a pass to ease administrative procedures. Now, if you’re a genius with a non-conventional tech idea, a tech talent, or an investor, you can apply too. That means if you get recruited by one of the top 100 startups in France, you will get a visa that won’t limit you to work in the same workplace; an unbeatable opportunity for engineers, artists, and marketers. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, will get the chance to apply for incubators and accelerators with the finest standards.

There is also the “Passeport Talent,” which replicates the O-1 Visa by the United States, an opportunity for out-the-box talents to get their visa and their skills to shine even brighter. Investors are also eligible for the Passeport Talent, which gives them the chance to get their own visa if they work in a French VC firm or expand their own office in France.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably have an idea how huge these opportunities are, especially as anti-immigration policies have tightened in the past couple of years. The programme, which will be available soon, does not guarantee a visa, but promises to speed up the whole process of obtaining it.

Find out more on the French Tech Visa website.