Monday July 22nd, 2024
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You Can Now Send Your Kids to a ‘Virtual Summer Camp’ with Wellspring Egypt

Already popular among parents for their unique brand of edutainment camps, Wellspring Egypt has gone digital.

Staff Writer

You Can Now Send Your Kids to a ‘Virtual Summer Camp’ with Wellspring Egypt

Is anyone else starting to feel like they could quite easily live a full, satisfying life from the comfort of their own home? We can have our groceries delivered, we can work out with our favourite trainers via social media and, now, we can enjoy a wholesome family summer camp online, thanks to community service company, WellSpring Egypt.

Having debuted the quite frankly zany concept last weekend, WellSpring is bringing the irreplaceable frolicking of its trademark camps into living rooms once more, with a two-day online camp on April 3rd and 4th. Essentially, it all works through WhatsApp and Zoom. The virtual group activities take place over Zoom calls, while parents are put into one WhatsApp group to enable communication, including Zoom meeting links.

Things kick-off on day one with a Zoom-briefing for the kids, before launching into several activities, including family competitions, movie nights, arts and crafts sessions, and even breakfast and lunch.
When they register, parents are given a list of things to prepare for the activities, and they’re also provided with alternatives to ensure that anyone can join in on the fun without needing extra supplies from outside of the house.

The concept started when mother of two, Sara Sedky, was at a loss as to how to keep her kids entertained during the Coronavirus lockdown. Already familiar with their regular camps, Sedky approached WellSpring’s founder, Maged Fawzy, with the idea of doing it all online. Within 24 hours, they had come up with a manageable schedule of activities, et voila. “The day was really full of fun,” Sedky said in a Facebook post lauding the unique initiative. “Physical competitions, bonding, games, parenting sessions with a specialised coach, competitions between kids of different families, cooking, building a fort - the camp was very beneficial as we got to make new friends.”

How can you not say ‘awwww’?

For more information on this weekend’s online camp, as well as next weekend’s (April 7th and 8th) special father-child camp, head to the WellSpring Egypt Facebook page.