Saturday May 18th, 2024
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You Can Now Transfer Money From Anywhere to Egypt Using This App

TapTapSend lets people send money across the world quickly, with zero transfer fees.

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You Can Now Transfer Money From Anywhere to Egypt Using This App

The days of waiting in line at remittance centers, wasting precious personal time and paying extortionate transaction fees, may just be over.

TapTapSend is an app that lets people send money from the UK, EU, US, Canada and UAE to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and South America quickly, and with zero transfer fees. Now, the app has just added Egypt to its roster of available countries.

Every year, global transfers of money account for over USD 500 billion, most of which moves back into developing countries. Until now, the market was thought of as being dominated by traditional services which are expensive and take days to arrive, as well as having limited reach in rural areas.

Since launching in summer 2018, TapTapSend has moved billions of dollars and reached hundreds of thousands of customers. With secure transfers to mobile money wallets on popular networks, users can send money from a smartphone at any time.

TapTapSend’s growing list of recipients in the MENA region and beyond include Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, and most recently, Turkey.