Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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You Either Win or You Die In Syrian Version of Game of Thrones

Because everyone cares ten times more about fantasy wars in made up places than real conflicts.

Staff Writer

From photographers who use Pokémon to make people care about the Syrian war to Syrian children actually posing with Pokémon characters, people have been using pop culture to link back to the war and remind us about the tragedies that still take place there on a daily basis even when attention on the war diminishes. 

We wrote before about Syrian artist Moustafa Jacoub who kickstarted a campaign, entitled I am Syrian, to highlight the historical contributions of talented Syrian artists, professionals, and scientists, including internationally acclaimed celebrities of Syrian origin. 

Jacoub fled his home country of Syria four years ago and settled down in Germany before moving to Texas where he is currently studying digital arts. He's now back with a new project entitled Game of Thrones: The Syrian Version where he photoshops famous political figures, such as Bashar El Assad and Putin, as White Walkers and gives the Iron Throne a Kalishnikov makeover. 

The posters, published on his Facebook profile, are currently circulating online.