Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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You May or May Not Win 20K EGP from Reebok at CrossFit Stars' Mountain View Opening on Saturday

Get in your flashiest Reebok gear and head out to CrossFit Stars' opening in Mountain View for a chance to get fit and go home with 20K from Reebok...

Staff Writer

No one is ever excited about getting out of bed at eight in the morning for an intense workout session. We all dread it with passion, we wouldn't even do it if the fitness gods paid us to or would we? Let's put this theory to the test by letting you know that CrossFit Stars is launching its newest fitness space in Mountain View this Saturday. It comes fully equipped with a tennis court, a CrossFit box, and, if you can't seem to shake off your Netflixing and chilling problem, a boot camp. Also, not that you require further motivation to get out of bed at 8 AM on Saturday, CrossFit Star's Mountain View opening will see Reebok give away EGP 20,000 to 6 of the teams participating in their competition, which runs all day.

If you're the non-material girl/boy type (yeah, right!), and all you care about is superior, highly advanced fitness gear, you'll be excited to know that Reebok will not only be set back EGP 20K, they will also be joining in the fun to make sure all athletes and fitness enthusiasts in sight at CrossFit Stars' humongous new venue are properly armed and equipped with their Avengers material sportswear. Sphinx-bowing like an Egyptian goddess and aggressive Latin American hip shaking routines are finally options at CrossFit Stars with the newly-introduced Yoga, Zumba, Spinning& Pilates studio classes, all happening between 12 and 5 PM. If you're in it for the blood make sure to catch the hour-long boxing exercise set to start at 2 PM. And, as always, Reebok will be with you every step of the way, providing the perfect balance and endurance, as you attempt to warm your congealed muscles.

Soccer fanatics won't feel left out when they learn that the soccer tournament will start at 2 PM with the showy bunch in the freestyle show that is open for all and runs for an hour. After which, kids will get a window of two hours to take home some trophies as they learn to shoot for their targets. And to make room for the pros, the Academy's players will team up and take on the field for an hour at 5 PM to show us some real football swag.

The fitness mania is set to start at 8 AM and will last for the full day. Fitness pilgrims and influencers are heading out there in an attempt to win the big bucks, or at the very least, put their Reebok-decorated feet on the road to a fitter and healthier existence. And the best part is, you don't have to leave your family behind in the pursuit of eligible bachelor figure, bring the fam and enjoy the slew of family sports activities that start at 10 AM until 7 PM. 

Wake up early on Saturday and be prepared to shed some sweat and pounds, because CrossFit Stars and Reebok are out to get you out of bed and pump you up with some cash. Fair trade, right?

*The contents of this article are sponsored.