Saturday July 20th, 2024
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You Will Now Need These Automated Health Certificates to Get Married

A new system of automated health certificates will become a requisite part of obtaining a marriage contract.

Cairo Scene

You Will Now Need These Automated Health Certificates to Get Married

The Ministry of Health and Population launched a new system that will issue automated medical certificates for those who are getting married. The move comes as part of an initiative to implement more systematised health testing before a marriage contract can be finalised.

Automated health certificates equipped with a QR code will replace the traditional paper certificate, which was irregularly enforced. The automated health certificates, priced at EGP 170 each, will be issued once medical samples have been taken from each person, then analysed in a lab and approved. Approved health certificates are expected to be sent to both parties within a few days.

The tests will involve a general clinical examination, as well as the analysis of a range of health samples. This includes analyses of infectious diseases such as AIDS and HIV, in addition to analyses of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. It will also take blood haemoglobin level, blood type, Rh compatibility analysis and analysis of thalassaemia, which will be necessary before the completion of the marriage contract, with the aim of protecting future children from genetic diseases.

So far, 303 medical centres have been allocated across Egypt to conduct these analyses, with further centres to be designated in the next phase of the policy roll-out.