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YouTube Ban?

For a nation that supposedly went through the first “social media revolution”, it’s quite amusing sad to find out that Egypt’s Administrative Court has made a ruling to BAN YouTube in Egypt for a month.

The ruling was issued on the back of the anti-Islamic American film of last year. Remember that? Well, that’s what they say it’s about. It’s extremely likely that the preposterous ban is more targeted at the young activists and opposition media who are exposing the regime’s acts of violence and oppression and showing them to the world on YouTube.

The Minister of Communication has been instructed to enforce the ban, but just like porn, we don’t really see it happening. Such a ridiculous judgement like this shows us two things: the first is  that under Islamist rule, there are no  intentions of allowing opposition or freedom of expression and, secondly, Egyptian judges think you can buy YouTube from a koshk.