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Youngest Man To Ever Walk Around The World In Egypt!

The youngest man to ever walk around the world is in Egypt right now and ready to answer all your questions...

Ok so we’re just going to start off by saying this guy deserves just about every award or accolade this world has to offer as he has conquered one of the most impressive feats known to mankind. Give this guy the Nobel peace prize, a Grammy, an Oscar, a medal of honour, ANYTHING. ALL OF THEM. 

Andrew Siess is a name that we hope will forever be embedded into your brain as this man has officially claimed the title of THE YOUNGEST PERSON TO EVER WALK AROUND THE WORLD at the age of 25. What had you done by 25? 

He has had quite some hilarious experiences documented on about how he was arrested by the police several times during his endeavours worldwide, passing out in supermarkets, and well, everything in between that you could imagine would happen to someone who completed this momentous task. It took him 1,020 days over a span of 24 countries and more than 20 million steps.

Apart from this being epic news, you’ll be happy to hear that he is currently in Downtown Cairo as we write this article right now, awaiting people to come and ask him questions about everything he’s done, the people he’s met, the hardships he must have faced and so on.  He will be located at Nahdet el Mahrusa starting at 6 PM so don’t hesitate to head over there and ask all the questions your heart desires as we are sure he will be happy for you to remind him that what he did was truly amazing (not that he doesn't already know it).