Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Your Best Shots Could Win You a Professional Photography Workshop AND a Huawei P10

Capture the best picture and Coucla Refaat, Ahmed Hayman, and Nour Kamel could pick you as the lucky winner.

Staff Writer

Each of us has a story worth telling. One of the most difficult things in life, however, is telling those stories as we see and feel them. That's when the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus jumps to the rescue with one of their most advanced cameras yet, making every shot a cover shot.But because most of the time details matter as much as the big picture, three of Egypt's most renowned photographers and storytellers Coucla Refaat, Ahmed Hayman and Nour Kamel took the dual 20 MP monstrous camera on photoshoots throughout Ramadan to visually-narrate their stories. They want you to share your own stories too, for a chance to win a spot in a practical professional photography workshop with them and be in the running to win the Huawei P10 or P10 Plus!

Each one of the trio has picked a theme for you to tell your story. Hayman would like to see the stories of Egyptian streets, while Coucla Refaat captures the tales of unique and out-of-the-box people. As for Nour Kamel, she kept her P10 closer to home where she encapsulates the special spirit of Egyptian families - the third theme in the competition. Upload your shots, tagging the photographer that matches the theme, and you're halfway to a one-of-a-kind workshop and possibly a Huawei P10 or P10 Plus! Sweet deal, isn't it?Find Huawei Egypt on Facebook.

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